Kuiper tilts his head and stands between the legs of a Buzz Lightyear statue.

Kuiper meets Buzz Lightyear

Kuiper makes a friend at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

Thank you @omsi for the private meet and greet with Buzz Lightyear! What an honor! We’re so proud of our little Junior Space Ranger.

Buzz is visiting as part of the Science Behind Pixar exhibit, which you only have til September 2nd to see here in Portland! If you can make it this weekend, you can also check out @pdxhotsauceexpo in the OMSI parking lot! ?️?️?️

Science Behind @Pixar is a fun, info packed overview of how 3D animation works, as well as how the technology has progressed leaps and bounds since the original Toy Story was released nearly 25 years ago. We have a lot more computing power now, as well as a lot more experience. When CGI first became a thing, we had to invent the entire workflow from scratch!

There is a LOT that goes into creating an animated movie or video game, all the way from initial sketches and storyboarding to the final render on a small army of servers off in a data center somewhere. And that’s not even counting voice acting, or marketing, or audio engineers, or the thousands of other talented people who make movies possible.

This (2 story!) exhibit allows you to explore each step of the animation process: sculpting 3D models, rigging (kind of like adding “joints,” or strings on a puppet), creating movements, coloring and shading, lighting, adding virtual “cameras” to a scene, and even special effects like particles and flowing water.

Highly recommend. But you don’t have to take my word for it! Science Behind Pixar is on display at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry through September 2nd. (And in case you can’t make it to Portland before then, you can also check out the exhibit online at sciencebehindpixar.org)

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