Kuiper sits with a plywood cutout of himself.


Kuiper joins a doppel gang (with a little help from @mikebennettart)

The word “cartoon” originally meant “a full-size drawing on heavy paper” (used as a reference sketch for e.g. a fresco.) Along these lines (ha), we decided to seek out the heaviest paper we could think of: plywood!

Regional Memesmith Mike Bennett creates plywood art in exchange for donations to charity. He uses recycled wood for his creations, and has thusfar raised nearly $7000(!) for local nonprofits. Also, he is a delightful human being. If you ever find yourself in Portland, I highly recommend connecting with him. For those not in Portland, you can still enjoy his work vicariously on Instagram @mikebennettart!

The use of the word “cartoon” to mean a silly or satirical drawing began in July 1843. The (British) Royal Commission on the Fine Arts hosted a “competition in cartoons,” a public art contest/exhibition. The winning (life-sized!) sketches were to be turned into frescoes in the new Palace of Westminster. The drawings were required to be between 10 and 15 feet long and to feature British historical or literary figures.

Given that London was not a pleasant place to live for most people in 1843 (think Oliver Twist), the idea of spending public funds on an art exhibition rubbed some people the wrong way. This feeling was compounded by the fact that entry to the exhibit wasn’t free: it cost one shilling. Although the fee was waived periodically, it was never waived on Saturdays, which was the only day working class folks could realistically visit.

In response, artist John Leech drew a satirical illustration of street children visiting the exhibit, labeled “Cartoon No. 1 — Substance and Shadow.” His work was published in Punch Magazine on July 15, 1843. As a result, the use of the word “cartoon” for “illustration with savage political commentary” stuck (and eventually came to mean any funny drawing.)

What’s your favorite cartoon, political or otherwise?

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