About Spacewhippet

Who is Kuiper? Who are you?

My name is Beth Gordon, and I have a dog. Together we do science and history communication on Instagram, with a special emphasis on space history. We’ve visited over 30 museums together and traveled through 27 states. Kuiper has been photographed so far with 7 flown spacecraft from Mercury, Gemini and Apollo.

Is Kuiper a service dog?

Although he is a highly trained professional, Kuiper is not a service dog. Legally, he is an unusually highly trained pet with a weird hobby. We must secure explicit, written permission in advance to bring Kuiper anywhere pets are not normally permitted. The vast majority of our museum visits take place either before or after hours to avoid distracting working dogs and the general public.

How do you pronounce his name?

“Kuiper” rhymes with “hyper.” However, you can pronounce it any way you like. He doesn’t mind. 🙂

What kind of dog is he?

He is a whippet! That’s what makes him the space whippet.