Kuiper poses with an America harness and collar in front of an apple pie shaped like Captain America's shield.

Honoring Stan Lee

Captain Dogmerica remembers Stan Lee.

This is a throwback picture from our fundraiser to help refugee children in the United States this June. We made this apple pie shield to celebrate hitting our goal. Today I’d like to share Stan’s Soapbox column from March 1971:

“Every few months (mainly when I can’t think of anything else to write!), I try to spell out the somewhat elusive, ephemeral Marvel philosophy. Well, just the other day, one of the largest magazine publishers in Japan, who has been presenting our own SPIDER-MAN to a wildly enthusiastic Japanese audience, requested a brief resume of our philosophy for his readers. It occurred to us that you might enjoy reading this updated version. And so –“

“Our Marvel sagas originate in the United States — but, in a true sense, they belong to the world. Our theme is justice, tempered by tolerance, honed by humor, and leavened with love. We support people everywhere — people striving to improve themselves and their lives — people working and praying for a better world, a world without war. Our heroes are your heroes — our villains your villains — our problems your problems, as are our triumphs and defeats.”

“We espouse no cause save the cause of freedom — no philosophy save the brotherhood of man. Our purpose is to entertain — to take the world as it is and show it as it might be — as it could be — and perhaps, as it should be. We hope to please you, excite you, broaden the horizons of your imagination, and appeal to your sense of wonder.”

“And so, we promise you, our friends across the sea, that we will never relax our efforts to provide the very finest stories and artwork — to bring you the most original, most imaginative, and most thought-provoking adventures of all. Though we are separated by a vast ocean, we are linked together by a love of fantasy, by a taste for the unusual, and by the mutual respect that men of good will have for each other no matter what tongue they speak, no matter where they may live. I welcome you to the wonderful world of Marvel — long may be dwell here together!”

Excelsior! Our favorite Marvel character should be obvious. What’s yours and why?

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