Kuiper beams proudly at the camera. His front legs are planted on an agility A frame.

The Best Camera

Unedited version of agility photo.
Unedited version.

The best camera really is the one in your pocket, even if it’s your phone covered in hot dog grease ? from training. ? I snapped this last night at Kuiper’s agility class. A lot of things really seemed to click for him this week; he’s now rocking the A-frame like a pro and even doing teeny tiny jump sequences for the first time!!! ???

I’ve received a couple of questions recently about how to become a better photographer. My suggestion today is to invest a few hours into learning a photo editing program like Adobe Lightroom. Even if your only camera is a smartphone, there’s quite a bit you can do to improve your pictures after the fact. For example, compare this photo to its original, unedited version.

Lynda.com has a couple of great “Lightroom essential training” video courses, and they also have a 30 day free trial which is way more than you’d need to take them (you can learn most of what you’ll need in a Saturday afternoon or two.) You may also already have free access via your local library; mine allows me to log in at home with my library card number. Also, since I find it boring to sit through hours of video class, what I usually end up doing is watching the videos on 1.5x speed or simply reading the transcripts and clicking on the parts I want to see (it’ll jump right to that point in the video.)

I prefer to edit on my computer because I find a mouse and keyboard to be much more precise and ergonomic, but the mobile Lightroom app has most of the same features. I think it’s still $10/month for the plan that includes Lightroom on both (and Photoshop, too.)┬áIt can be intimidating at first but now I actually find photo editing super relaxing, like an adult coloring book. ?

Would a photo editing livestream be of interest to you? It would likely be on Twitch because 1. I’m not aware of any feasible way to stream directly from computer to Instagram and 2. I may be able to incorporate a live Kuiper couchcam

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