Closeup of Kuiper's face. Futuristic lights are reflected in his eyes.

3D scanning at Holodeck 3D studios (sponsored)

Last week, we visited Holodeck 3D Studios in downtown Kirkland, WA. Friendly owners Dawn and Alex generously agreed to 3D scan Kuiper and Foco in return for an Instagram post about the process. 360 degree lighting ensures the best quality 3D scans; the first picture shows the reflection of this in Kuiper’s eyes.

I’ve included more pictures of the scan including one from the perspective of the scanner and the resulting 3D model file from various angles. The last picture is a very, VERY early version of a Fallout 4 mod with Kuiper replacing the German Shepherd in-game. It’s going to be a Project to get all the animation bones weighted correctly and the texture to show, but I’m slowly figuring out how to make it work. ?

There are a few different options for 3D scan living creatures. We can shoot laser or infrared beams and measure how long it takes for the light to reflect back (like LIDAR.) We can use a projector to project a grid on someone and measure how it bends around them (“structured light.”) Or we can just take a bunch of pictures from different angles and have a powerful computer put them together like a 3D jigsaw puzzle. The last method is called “photogrammetry.”

Holodeck’s scanner uses a hybrid of structured light and photogrammetry, which works great for scanning both people and dogs. The 89 cameras each take multiple pictures in under a second, so you don’t have to stand still for very long! And there are zero moving parts. It takes just a few minutes for their computer to build a 3D preview, too.

In addition to 3D model files and 3D pictures, the studio also 3D prints full-color figurines in a range of sizes. These made fun souvenirs (and look like they’d be especially cool as wedding cake toppers.) I told Mr. Spacewhippet we need to go back when we get around to tying the knot! ???

If you ever happen to be in the Seattle area, I highly recommend stopping by their studio for a little tour! Hours and other info can be found on their website at holodeck3dstudios dot com. Let them know we sent you. ?

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