Kuiper wears an orange vest and sits in front of a DeLorean.

Time Travel Rules

Kuiper McFly goes BACK. To the FUTURE.

Huge thanks to @nuclear_museum and @mr.cocoa1 for granting special permission for Kuiper to visit this historic vehicle. This DeLorean is currently on display at the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History in Albuquerque, NM.

On October 26th, 1985, Kuiper McFly and Doc Brown traveled to the future to prevent Kuiper’s puppies from becoming jerks* or something. They managed to save Kuiper Jr., but Kuiper Sr. made a bad decision on the way back to the DeLorean. With an advance on his allowance, he bought a copy of the Farmer’s Almanac. Kuiper figured he could use it to bet on onion futures and use his winnings to buy “ALL the hot dogs.”

When they got back to 1985, Kuiper and Doc discovered that Biff Tannen had somehow stolen the Almanac, given it to his younger self and used it to become president of the United States. Before our heroes could fix the timeline again, Congress rushed through legislation to make time travel operate under Terminator rules. This made Kuiper sad that he couldn’t catch Biff, but also secretly happy that he no longer had to wear clothes.

Don’t like living under Terminator rules? Although Kuiper McFly can’t change the future (in our obviously completely totally fictional scenario with absolutely no relation to events or persons past or present), YOU STILL CAN. On November 6th, 2018, YOU have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to alter the timeline. BE A VOTER in the upcoming election!

* (Kuiper is only allowed to watch the censored for TV version.)

Also, a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to @mrchristopherlloyd, who turned 80 yesterday!!

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