A white cat stands in the Litter Robot, presumably in the process of doing his business.

Litter Robot (sponsored)

One small step for cat…

This is Mister, who I sprung from @oregonhumane in 2011. We’re not exactly sure how old he is; our best guess is that he was born during the early Bush Jr. administration. ? Mister’s favorite hobbies are watching Matlock reruns and yelling at us from the top of the fridge. We were thinking about getting him @thelitterrobot ?, so I reached out to them about collaborating. They generously sent us a unit to review!!

Mister is sometimes distrustful of new tech, but he acclimated quickly and has been using the box since March. I made a video of how it works; swipe to check it out. I cycled it manually; normally it will run automatically. After sensing the cat’s departure, it waits a few min (for litter to clump) and runs on its own.

What I love
? Super easy setup (fully assembled in & ships from Wisconsin)
? Low maintenance. When a blue light blinks ?, it’s time to change the bag out and top off the litter. That’s about it. For our cat, this is about 1x/week
? Doesn’t require ongoing purchase of proprietary accessories (some competing products do.) Use any trash bags in the bottom, and any clumping litter (we tried both corn and clay-based)
? Great stink control ?
? Based on the design, should be fairly easy to dis- and reassemble for deep cleaning ✨ or if service is needed ?
? Love the aesthetics. ? It’s like a smaller version of the Eero Aarnio chair I’ve always wanted, except the Litter Robot actually fits in my house

What could be better
? Premium products come at premium prices: $449 without WiFi. $499 with. However, the cost is all up front. There’s no special litter or cartridges that you have to keep buying ?
? You may need a $25 plastic accessory to encourage kitty to enter fully & turn around. This may only be an issue for ♂️ cats, but for the product’s price it ought to be included IMO
? WiFi is iOS only, so we couldn’t test this feature. Android app not yet available and there’s no web interface (LR, please consider adding this to make it OS agnostic.)
? Requires power. May not be suitable for post-apocalyptic scenarios ?

Overall, I REALLY like it. 1.9 ears up. Thank you Litter Robot!!

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