Kuiper smiles proudly in front of the "Welcome to Boring, Oregon" sign.

Welcome to Boring, Oregon

Kuiper misses the memo. ?

Although Boring, OR is sister cities with Dull, Scotland and Bland, Australia, it’s not named for lack of excitement. Boring is named after William Harrison Boring, a brave Union soldier.

William served in Company D of the 33rd Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment, which was organized in the aftermath of Bull Run. The regiment was nicknamed the “Teachers’ Regiment” as it was largely made up of teachers and students from Illinois State Normal University ? (now known as Illinois State) and public schools from all over Illinois.

According to a first-hand account of the regiment’s history from Gen. Isaac Elliott, “In derision we were sometimes called the ‘Brain Regiment’, and it was stated that we would not obey an order unless it was absolutely correct in syntax and orthography.” ?✏️

Isaac also described the ongoing academic pursuits of some of the soldiers: “Moulton of Company I carried a cabinet that would have been a credit to any museum of geology. ? It was stated by his comrades that it was afterward confiscated to build a fort.”

The 33rd regiment fought valiantly in a number of battles and was instrumental in winning the Siege of Vicksburg, MS. The victory secured the Mississippi River for the Union ?? and divided the Confederacy into two; it was a major turning point in ending the Late Unpleasantness. William Boring was injured in the battle and subsequently discharged. ?

A decade later, William and his wife Sarah moved to Oregon, taking advantage of the priority given to Union veterans under the Homestead Act. William donated a portion of his land to build a school ?; the rest is history.

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