Kuiper poses with the DVD of "8 Days to the Moon and Back" and a bowl of popcorn.

8 Days to the Moon and Back

Kuiper gets ready to enjoy his early birthday present* from PBS. He hopes you’ll enjoy it, too! It airs next week on Wednesday the 17th at 6 PM Pacific/9 PM Eastern!

Thank you PBS for sending us a press copy of “8 Days To The Moon And Back,” as well as some snacks to enjoy while watching. This Apollo 11 documentary was unlike any we’d seen before. BBC Studios and PBS did a masterful job making the mission come alive. Interspersed with real news coverage from Walter Cronkite and clips from Mission Control are reenactments of life in the command module with real mission audio.

This novel approach did a great job making the astronauts seem like real human beings rather than solely larger than life heroes. Kudos to actors @rufusgwright @patrick__kennedy and Jack Tarlton.

I’d never heard most of these bits of the mission before. Parts of the documentary had me laughing out loud and parts of them had me holding my breath. It felt like we were right there in Columbia from launch all the way through splashdown and pickup by the USS Hornet. Well done, @PBS and @BBC.

I highly recommend this documentary, and I’m not just saying that because PBS gave us free popcorn and a moon pie**. ? But you don’t have to take my word for it! “8 Days To the Moon And Back” airs next Wednesday at 9 EST/8 Central/6 PST. You’ll also be able to stream it online via the PBS video app.

8 Days to the Moon” is just one part of the PBS Summer of Space.

* (I don’t think PBS actually knew that the 17th is Kuiper’s birthday, but he’ll be 3. ?

** (not pictured cause I ate it)

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