Kuiper poses with the AS-202 command module, used for unmanned testing. A "Hornet Plus Three" banner can be seen in the background.


Thank you @usshornetmuseum for granting Kuiper permission aboard to check out AS-202, flown on Aug 25, 1966. This is our last unmanned test mission before…well. We’ll talk about that later. The USS Hornet not only recovered this test capsule after splashdown, but would also go on to recover Apollo 11 (“HORNET PLUS THREE!”) and 12.

Speaking of Apollo 11! Several museums are hosting 50th anniversary celebrations. Here’s just a few:

? AL: @rocketcenterusa Rocket City Summer Fest and more, July 13-25 (rocketcenter.com)
? CA (Alameda): Splashdown 50 Celebration at USS Hornet, July 16-24 (uss-hornet.org)
? CA (UCLA): Apollo 11 screening with Q&A, July 20 (epss.ucla.edu)
? CA (San Francisco): Apollo 11 50th Anniversary at @exploratorium, July 20 (exploratorium.edu)
? CO: Apollopalooza 2019 at @wings_museum in Denver, July 13-20 (wingsmuseum.org)
? FL: Too much to list at Kennedy, July 15-24 (kennedyspacecenter.com)
? IL: Choose the Moon @adlerplanet, July 18-20 (adlerplanetarium.org)
? IN: Various events at Purdue, July 18-20 (purdue.edu/apollo11)
? MA: One Giant Anniversary at @museumofscience in Boston, July 19-20 (mos.org)
? MN: Apollo Anniversary & Cosmic 5K at @bellmuseum, July 20 (bellmuseum.umn.edu)
? NY: Apollo Moon Fest at @cradleofaviation, July 20 (cradleofaviation.org)
? NC: One Giant Leap Festival at @ncmuseumhistory, July 20 (ncmuseumofhistory.org)
? OH: 50th Anniversary Celebration at @armstrongmuseum, July 12-21 (armstrongmuseum.org)
? OR: @omsi Lunar Star Party, July 20 (omsi.edu)
? OR: Apollo Festival @evergreenmuseum, July 20-21 (evergreenmuseum.org)
? TX: Apollo Anniversary Celebration @spacecenterhou, July 16-24 (spacecenter.org)
? VA: Science After Dark: Moon Landing @sciencemuseumofvirginia, July 19 (smv.org)
? WA: Lunar Block Party at @museumofflight, July 19-21 (museumofflight.org)
? DC: Apollo 50 Festival, @airandspacemuseum, July 18-20 (airandspace.si.edu/events/apollo-50-festival)

What are your plans? As for us? We’ll* be partying like it’s 1969 in Seattle at the Museum of Flight! Command module Columbia is on display til Sept 2.

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