Title slide from presentation reads, "Kuiper visits Apollo, a brief history of the American space program."

Kuiper visits Apollo

I stand in front of a PowerPoint with a microphone.

Kuiper’s “lady” gives a talk on JocoCruise 2019. Click here to watch the whole thing (~50 minutes.)

This lecture covers American space history roughly from the V2 to Apollo 11 (the same time period we’re currently working through on my Instagram feed.) I had a blast giving this talk on JoCo Cruise 2019, and hope to give part 2 next year. Hope you enjoy!

This is the first time I’ve ever attempted to add subtitles or slides to a video, so bear with me. ? I also had to learn how to bleep out a swear, because I try to keep things fairly PG around here. ?

Minor corrections
? Mercury-Atlas 2: Context missing from Session 1: we put a chimp into space first to make sure people could still think and do useful work in space. We tested this by having Ham pull levers when he saw dashboard lights light up. Thus the Curious George question in the Q&A
? Mercury-Atlas 7: I meant to say “hours,” not minutes
? Gemini 3: This was not a 1968 interview for reasons that are probably obvious; this quote comes from Grissom’s book “Gemini!” which was published posthumously in 1968
? Gemini 5: I meant to say America’s first female rocket scientist

Special thanks to the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History, the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, MSI: Chicago, Adler Planetarium, Stafford Air & Space Museum, San Diego Air & Space Museum, Space Camp USA, International Women’s Air & Space Museum, Chabot Space & Science Center, USS Hornet Museum, @puri_gagarin_the_cosmocat, St. Louis Science Center, Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, the Planetary Society, and Mary Liz Bender for making this presentation possible.

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