Closeup of Kuiper's snoot with World's Largest Egg.

OG World Record Egg

Kuiper photobombs the original World Record Egg. Swipe to see it in its entirety.

I took these pictures yesterday on the way back from a quick trip to Seattle. We were pretty rushed because we got here about 27 seconds before the sun went down ⌛, and Kuiper was really not having it. ? However, he survived and got cheese ? for his efforts.

Winlock, Washington had a “world record egg” before it was cool.  In fact, it has had several over the years. In the first half of the 20th century, Winlock was one of the most prolific egg producing cities in the world. Egg production tapered off in the 1950s as farmers started consolidating into fewer (but bigger) farms. However, that didn’t deter Winlock. To this day, the town still celebrates an annual Egg Day (and has for nearly 100 years.)

The first incarnation of the “World’s Largest Egg” was made of wood and canvas in 1923 to celebrate a paved highway running through Oregon and Washington. After extending Egg v1’s lifespan with plaster, its plastic successor was erected in 1944. In 1958, Egg 2.0 succumbed to gravity (or possibly young hooligans, depending who you ask.) It was replaced with a fiberglass model in 1991.

In 2017, a town Christmas decorator noticed a suspicious looking capped pipe wrapped in wires sticking out of the bottom of Egg Mark III. Not one to take chances, the local constable closed the (immediately adjacent) railway and (very reasonably) called in the Washington State Patrol bomb squad. The explosives experts took one look at it and “thought it was the real deal.” Hours later, the officers managed to safely retrieve the object. Everyone ducked behind their cars as they opened it remotely….

….and discovered that it was not a bomb, but a time capsule from 1991! The pipe contained pictures and newspaper articles relating to the history of the egg. Unfortunately, I couldn’t dig up whether they ever figured out who put it there (or what in the world the wires were supposed to be for.)

Have you ever created your own time capsule, or been present for the opening of one? What would you put in one?

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