Kuiper on the stage of SNL.

Saturday Night Live

Kuiper does the cold open: LIVE FROM NEW YORK, IT’S SATURDAY NIGHT!!

Ok, so this was actually pre-recorded in Chicago, and it’s Tuesday morning. ? But let’s stick to what’s relevant! If there’s any chance you’ll be near downtown Chicago between now and December 31st, I highly recommend checking out the SNL Experience at the Museum of Broadcast Communications. Huge thanks to MBC for granting special permission for Kuiper to visit.

In addition to this full-sized replica of the SNL stage from Studio 8H, the exhibit includes over 500 artifacts spanning 42 seasons of the show. These include a ton of costumes and props, a dressing room, the Turd Ferguson Jeopardy set, the Weekend Update desk and the original couch from Wayne’s World (and YES, you can sit on it. Party on! ??)

The exhibit also covers the history of the show, as well as the mind-blowing (at least to me) writing process, both of which we will cover later this week.

When you’re done checking out the Saturday Night Live exhibit, you can head upstairs and check out a bunch of non-SNL historical artifacts, like one of the Nixon-Kennedy presidential debate cameras. There’s an extremely cool story about those which I’m saving for later next year. ?

Are you an SNL fan? Who’s your favorite character or actor? Do you currently have a sufficient amount of cowbell in your life? ??????????????

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