Kuiper wears a bandana. Various versions of his own face are on the fabric.

American Bandana

Kuiper wears a bandana featuring emoji fabric.

Kuiper: i am a bandito now yes
Me: What.
Kuiper: they will never know it was me. i have a bandana disguise
Me: It’d be a better disguise if it didn’t have your face all over it.
Kuiper: oh no quick flip it over

Did you know that Kuiper is a part-time model for his “personal brand”? ? This is a bandana from the winter Kuiper collection. It’s double-sided (with reversible snaps!) I designed the Kuiper fabric myself. These bandanas are super easy to make thanks to something called “snap tape” which you can find at any fabric store; I’ll see if I can get a tutorial up.

Did you know that the history of bandanas in the United States is as old as the United States? The earliest known bandana in the US depicts George Washington on horseback, and was made sometime between 1776 and 1777. It was reportedly made by talented printmaker John Hewson at the personal request of Martha Washington. According to “Historical Handkerchiefs” (New York History, 1955) the print was “insanely popular.”

Countless more renditions of Washington on bandanas were sold in the the late 1700s and on into the 1800s.¬†Early American bandanas also included depictions of the war of 1812, horse races, steam ships, and illustrations from Poor Richard’s Almanac.

In 1840, William Henry Harrison became the first to widely distribute bandanas (and flags, and banners, and coins, and…hard cider!) as part of his presidential campaign. After that, the rest is history. The presidential campaign in 1888 saw over 50 bandana designs in circulation (many of which were printed outside of the United States…)

With the invention of celluloid, campaign buttons finally arrived on the scene in 1896, but they didn’t immediately displace bandanas. Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Eisenhower and JFK all produced bandanas as part of their election strategies. I’ll put pics of some of these in stories.

What would you put on a custom bandana?

Additional fun fact: John Hewson was the great-great-great-great-great grandfather of Saturday Night Live’s Tina Fey.

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