Kuiper poses with his new blue reflective collar.

Pup IQ collars (sponsored)

Happy #smallbusinesssaturdays! This is one of 2 reflective #prismacollar gifted to us from @pup_iq. Kuiper is doing one heckin’ outdoor model.

When I see claims like “infused with PRISMATIC technology” I always want to figure out what that really means, if it matters, and how it relates to the moon landings. What I found: There are essentially 2 kinds of “retroreflective” (i.e. reflects light back at the source) material that are used for clothing, roadsigns, etc. One uses spherical glass beads, and the other uses prisms.

The beads can be thought of as little round mirrors; they reflect light in a lot of different directions. (Incidentally, this type of reflective tape was used to create the original Lightsaber in Star Wars by wrapping it around a stick.) The 2nd type of material, which uses prisms, can be thought of as little flat mirrors; they reflect a lot more light straight back at the light source. This makes them visible from much further away. #safetyfirst

We left prismatic reflectors on the Moon as part of Apollo 11, 14, & 15. We can bounce lasers off of them and measure the distance from the Earth to the Moon very precisely. Not only is this useful to prove that the Moon landings were real, but we’re also learned some interesting things, e.g. the moon is getting about 1.5″ (3.8 cm) further away each year. Now, about the collars.. Why we would recommend:

? #madeintheusa
? Materials are absurdly high quality (Crypton fabric, Kevlar thread, metal clasp); this collar will likely outlive your dog
? Has a super nifty magnetic clasp
? Very adjustable; we clipped the 2nd collar they gave us to the top of his harness for even more visibility
? Comes in 5 colors; green one is even brighter and looks great on Foco (need to get pics)
? Mr. Spacewhippet tested and approved for running

Suggested improvements:
? Reflective portion is only about 1/2″ (1.25 cm) wide; would like to see wider
? Maybe a martingale option? Sighthounds need them for safety

Overall, we rate this collar 1.85 ears up, a very respectable score. You can find them at pup-iq.com (along w/matching leash!) Tell them we sent you!

Original post: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bb8iNTIAHyZ/

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