Kuiper sits with a piece of petrified wood with holes in it. The sign reads, "This rare specimen shows worm holes 60 million years old."


“If you have a wormhole, then you can turn them into time machines for going backward in time.” Kip Thorne (American physicist), as quoted on Nova, 1999

Kuiper is super proud of himself for discovering wormholes at the Badlands Petrified Gardens. He wanted to see if he could use them to time travel, but (fortunately?) he was too big to fit in any of them. I promised him that when we get home we can ask our friend who went to Cal Tech to ask Mr. Thorne where we might be able to find some bigger ones.

The Petrified Gardens is a super cute and dog friendly attraction dating back to 1956. In addition to a petrified wood garden, they have a lovely little museum with florescent rocks, a sizable mineral collection, and a ton of fossils. It’s right off I-90 in South Dakota, smack dab between Wall Drug and 1880 Town. Nearby is also the Minuteman Missile National Monument, where a super nice park ranger gave Kuiper a Junior Ranger badge!! ???

I apologize for the lack of updates; we’ve been doing a whirlwind tour the past few days and the cell data infrastructure in South Dakota and Wyoming has room for improvement. ? We spent the day in Yellowstone and just got to Idaho; we’ll be seeing Craters of the Moon tomorrow!!! ?

Have you ever been to a US National Park? Which one is your favorite? If you could time travel, when would you visit it?

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