Kuiper sits in front of a very large ball of twine. It is at least four times as tall as him, and six times as wide.

World’s Largest Ball of Twine

“We don’t know the why of anything. On that matter we are no further advanced than was the cavedweller. The scientist is contented if he can contribute something toward the knowledge of what is and how it is.” Charles Proteus Steinmetz (proposer of AC current), interview with The New York Times, 1911

Here’s the shot I know you’ve all been waiting for. ? This is the biggest ball of twine in the world, with a whippet for scale. The ball of twine was a runner up for the 8 wonders of Kansas. It weighs over 20,000 pounds (over 9,000 kilos) and is composed of over 1500 miles (2400 kilometers) of twine.  It measures 43 feet (13 meters) around. The ball was started in 1953 and gifted to Cawker City, KS in 1961. They’ve been adding to it ever since.

We have a ton more driving today, but we should arrive in DC tomorrow!!! The captain’s log says we’ve travelled a little over 3000 miles so far. We’re currently right outside of Columbus, OH where we are going to visit a MATH GARDEN.  We were also hoping to stop by John Glenn’s childhood home (it is now a museum) but it’s unfortunately closed for the day and won’t be open again til Wednesday. Until next time, space friendos.

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